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Discover Mende

From our spa hotel and restaurant

In the Lot valley, under the watchful eye of its impressive cathedral, Mende is a quintessential French town. Our hotel near the centre of town is ideally located to visit the capital of the former province of Gévaudan. The famous Notre-Dame and Saint-Privat cathedral was built in 1368, on the initiative of Pope Urban V, an Avignon Pope. It symbolises the power of the bishops and tells the story of the origins of the town of pilgrims that developed around the tomb of Saint Privat.
In the Middle Ages, it grew into a prosperous trading centre located between Languedoc and Auvergne.

Today, Mende is the capital of the département of Lozère. Its charming medieval streets and half-timbered houses make for a pleasant stroll. The Notre-Dame bridge, the only stone bridge in town, provides the perfect vantage point to see the superb roof designs of the houses on either side of the river. Life here in the town is as calm as the river that flows through it.